Hairstylist Hangouts

The number one question that I get in my chair is, “Sonja, where do you like to hangout?”  I answer this question at least 8 times a month!!!  I have finally decided to post a few places that I absolutely love to hangout out around the ATX and surrounding areas,


THE SHOP (i loooove doing hair)

TEXAS CHILI PARLOR (in the mood for chilli)

BUC-EE’S (best gas station I have ever been to)

SKYLARK LOUNGE ( If you are feeling in the mood to go back in time)

AUSTIN DAILY PRESS (nostalgic pop-up food stand)

THE GRACKLE (pool, juke-box, darts, food trailers)

PECAN STREET STATION (breakfast starts at @6am)

THE GROVE (brunch and valet parking)

H-E-B (grocery’s live music, natural products) ,

VINO VINO (date night)

THE WAFFLE DEN (best chicken and waffles you will ever taste in life)

THE UPTOWN SOCIAL (date night)

SPARE TIME (can you bowl?)

TRULUCK’S (if you are in the mood for seafood)

BENNU (24 hour coffee shop)

JUICELAND (start your day juicing)

LOL, Enjoy some of my favorite spots!  I can’t wait to hear what you think about them.  Engage responsibly.

Peace and Hair Grease,