Generation Motivation

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I had an amazing time at the SC4Kids A Healthy Youth Series.  I learned how a healthy positive environment for young ladies is much needed in our community.  When we talk about our environment we mean everything in the world around us which can affect and influence our lives. Patrice Chateman with ATG (Against The Grain Fitness) discussed how being active and fit early on can contribute to better weight control, bone building, cardiovascular protection, mental health, and more. SC4Kids displayed ways and reasons why curl taming natural hair doesn’t have to be so boring.  Raffle prizes were given away by Kween Royal Tees LLC and SC4Kids.  The main objective was showing kids that there are more ways to have fun  while learning instead of hanging out at a park, playing on a handheld device, or just sitting in front of the TV.  It was so amazing to see like minded kids interacting, accepting one another, and discussing flaws and all. If you missed this event be sure to check out the next one…..  A Healthy Youth Series is designed to promote confidence and to provide motivation that all kids will need to overcome with daily challenges that they will face in our current society.