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Study Time

I encourage children to” use your chair time as your study time.” A lot of kids simply don’t enjoy doing homework.  SC4Kids encourages kids to bring study material or reading material with them to their salon experience. If you child is not feeling motivated here is a link that gives tips and tricks to get […]

Adopting a Child From a Different Race, Ethnicity or Culture

  In the United States, especially in recent decades, Caucasian couples adopt African-American or Hispanic children.   African-American families adopt Hispanic children. Jewish people adopt children from China or Colombia.  American families bring home children from Russia, Korea, Guatemala, China, Bolivia, India, and Africa. When you adopt internationally, you bring a child from his or […]

When can I start blow-drying?

When Is a good time to blow dry your child’s hair? I have debated and gave great thought to blow drying newly developed hair.  Rule #1: Make sure your child isn’t alarmed by the sound of the blow-dryer.  The blow-dryer can really harm their ears.  A sound that your ears can handle may not be […]

Hairstylist Hangouts

The number one question that I get in my chair is, “Sonja, where do you like to hangout?”  I answer this question at least 8 times a month!!!  I have finally decided to post a few places that I absolutely love to hangout out around the ATX and surrounding areas,   THE SHOP (i loooove […]

Fitness Behind the Chair

I refuse to be a hairstylist and over weight!!!  I am short…but short and plump is not an option.  My clientele is picking up and all I can think about is my belly and my clothes not fitting.  Instead of being a “Debbie Downer” I started running .  I have not ran in over a […]