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Benefits of a Shampoo Brush

The Scalp Brush is a revolutionary shampoo brush specially designed to clean and massage your scalp. The bristles removes buildup while gently massaging your scalp, giving a deeper, and more invigorating cleaning of the pores than you can…

When Your Child is READY to START Shampooing

Teaching your child how to shampoo Healthy hair care begins with learning how to wash the hair without damaging it. When your child is ready to start shampooing, follow these steps to help your child develop healthy hair-care habits. Wet…
Kids Natural Hair

Natural Kids Salon in Pflugerville/Roundrock/Austin

Sonja provides high quality children's natural hair styles and haircuts in a fun, safe, and comfortable environment. Come check out a full-service natural hair salon that caters to children, ages tw0 (2) to eighteen.

Natural Hair Do’s and Don’ts for Girls

Sonja's DO's detangling is a must after every hair style do oils but lightly oiling with essentials oils friz is ok a silk bonnet every night always cut rubber bands Sonja's DONT'S no tension on the edges no over…

Two-Strand Twist on Natural Hair

Two-strand twist on natural hair.

Study Time

I encourage children to" use your chair time as your study time." A lot of kids simply don't enjoy doing homework.  SC4Kids encourages kids to bring study material or reading material with them to their salon experience. If you child is…

Adopting a Child From a Different Race, Ethnicity or Culture

  In the United States, especially in recent decades, Caucasian couples adopt African-American or Hispanic children.   African-American families adopt Hispanic children. Jewish people adopt children from China or Colombia.  American…