Corbin’s Academy Classes


In this class, Sonja Corbin will relay advice, tips, and the knowledge gained from working as a children hairstylist for almost 6 years. She will cover topics from the proper conduct on how to correctly part and section natural hair. Sonja will also discuss the importance of posture in the salon chair and outside of the salon.
She will also highlight the significance between hydrating your hair while hydrating your body.

5 Steps to Getting 5 Basic Natural Hair Styles

In this class, Sonja will give you the tools and advice you need to create 5 basic styles in 5 simple steps.


Sonja Corbin will take you through the fundamentals of what hair is and how it grows as well as the different hair textures and how to evaluate the condition of your child’s hair in preparation for styling. She will share her knowledge with us starting with the basics of how to properly take-down a previous style and a step-by-step detangling method. So come prepared to be educated and leave with a better understanding of your hair and how to care for it.


The awesome benefits of Mommy/Daddy and Me is you are going to help create a sense of security and form a positive image with your child.  Bonding is essential for your child to be able to grow and flourish in the years to come. In this class, Sonja will teach you and your daughter techniques that will help both of you during this natural hair journey. Your child will develop important cognitive and social motor skills.  This class will help your children to learn self-control and also develop reasoning skills.

AP (Advanced Placement) NATURAL HAIR LOVERS

Learn how to comb coil twist, braid, cornrow, double-strand twists and loc maintenance and style.


In this class, Sonja will discuss the importance of age appropriate styles for natural hair, go over DIY deep condition hair recipes and herbal remedies that you and your child can create at home. We will also go over learning how to shine through your own personality, rather than mimicking those you see on TV or in pop culture.

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