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Healthy. Happy. Hair Therapy.

SC4Kids was founded to provide quality hair care for parents and their children between the ages of 2 – 18. The heart of our philosophy is to focus on healthy hair, happy girls and infusing our special brand of hair therapy so every one of our client’s leaves feeling better than when they came in.

        Our mission is to:

  • To partner with parents
  • To encourage self-esteem
  • To cultivate self-care in the early stages of life
  • To provide a home for black, multi-ethnic families in Austin, and surrounding areas 
  • To advocate and be an open door for adoptive and foster families

By starting the kids off young we can help make a take-charge preschooler adopt healthy hygiene hair habits. To bring awareness during the adolescent stage of life helps create healthy hair habits when they are older. As a child I was not informed on my natural hair which created an unhealthy, reluctant,  and severe insecurity as a tween/teen during hair time. I have been through this domino effect and my goal is to prevent other children from going through it. 

We have made a conscious decision to gear my entire clientele to the youth. We apply techniques that work with each child’s temperament, special needs or sensory difficulties. We create a safe, trusting and fun environment for both kids and their parents! We are able to deal with those children for whom the thought of a hair cut fills them with dread and moves at your pace to make sure of comfort, and most importantly safety. We will also take the time to familiarize the children with the equipment, and encourage positive reinforcement. In addition, We use my platform as a way to reach children of all ages to succeed in achieving their goals as we promote their internal and external beauty.



Sonja Corbin King

I am what society calls an “Army Brat”. A true child of a career soldier, one who has lived in various places as a result of military transfers.  The military planted me in Central Texas and I have resided and grown roots here since 1996.  I love hair!!! I am a firm believer that hair care directly correlates to LIFESTYLE; and can demonstrate BEAUTY, CONFIDENCE, WELLNESS, and CREATIVITY!



Hepsiba Barar

I am a recent graduate from Huston-Tillotson University, on the path to become a Pediatric Surgeon. I have been at SC4Kids for five years and I strive to provide a fun, energetic atmosphere for all children. I love reading books, playing volleyball and watching medical related TV Shows.

Mrs Ruth


Ruth Kolliewon

I am straight from the LIB! From Monrovia, Liberia! I have been styling kids’ hair for more than 30 years and I am so excited to be working at SC4Kids. Here I am known as “angel hands” and my signature style is the “bonsway”. I am a mother of four beautiful children but now, I am looking forward to exploring the United States and having a good time! 

Brittany Ellison


Brittany Ellison

I am an Austin native. I have a background and passion in child care and health services. I consider myself a very creative and colorful person and I choose to express one of my creative aspects through doing children’s hair. In my spare time I love to use my artist skills to hand make beautiful jewelry.

Jania Geer


Jania Greer

I am currently a student at Huston-Tillotson University studying psychology. I aspire to be a clinical psychologist and one day have my own practice. I enjoy making food for the soul and bringing smiles to others.