Our Story

About SC4Kids

SC4Kids was founded to provide quality hair care for parents and their children between the ages of 2 – 18. Our mission is:

  • to partner with parents
  • to encourage self-esteem
  • to cultivate self-care in the early stages of life
  • to provide a home for black and multi-ethnic families in East Austin

Our motto is healthy, happy, hair therapy because it’s at the heart of our philosophy.  To focus on healthy hair, happy girls and infusing our special brand of hair therapy so every one of our client’s leaves feeling better than when they came in.

Sonja is a native of Sacramento, CA. and has been living in Central Texas since 2000. She has a formal education in hair care, training professionally at Regency Beauty Institute in 2010.

Sonja believes that HAIR CARE directly correlates to LIFESTYLE; and can demonstrate BEAUTY, CONFIDENCE, WELLNESS, and CREATIVITY!

Heart for Children

Her heart for children is so great that in 2015 she made a conscious decision to gear her entire clientele to the youth. As an aspiring entrepreneur, she is on course to only servicing children.

She applies techniques that work with each child’s temperament, special needs or sensory difficulties. Sonja creates a safe, trusting and fun environment for both kids and their parents!

She is specially-trained to trim, grow, and style hair to the highest standard. She is able to deal with those children for whom the thought of a hair cut fills them with dread and moves at your pace to make sure of comfort, and most importantly safety. She will also take the time to familiarize the children with the equipment, and encourage positive reinforcement.

In addition, she uses her platform as a way to reach children of all ages to succeed in achieving their goals as she promotes their internal and external beauty.

Come on in and experience the SC4Kids difference!